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[Resuelto] Internet se desconecta durante transmisión en Discord

Si alguna vez tu internet se ha desconectado en plena transmisión de tu escritorio o juego en Discord, hay una simple opción escondida en los ajustes de este que podría resolver tu problema. Por alguna razón, un ajuste donde Discord admite que “al activar esta opción, puede que algunos routers o proveedores de internet dejen […]

10 Essential Linux Bash Commands for Beginners

If you’ve just started out using Linux, you’ve probably heard about how powerful the command line can be. Indeed, it is powerful, but only if you know the commands to type into it. In this guide, we’ll run through the top 10 most essential commands that you need to learn right off the bat.

How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 Alongside Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 on your system but also want access to Ubuntu 20.04, the two options you have are to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine or configure a dual boot environment. We’ll show you how to install Ubuntu 20.04 alongside Windows 10 in this guide.

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