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How to Install Ubuntu Linux on VirtualBox

Creating a Ubuntu virtual machine is a great way to give the operating system a test run or to install software that you don’t want to have on your host machine. Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox is a pretty simple process that we’ll show you how to do in this guide.

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[Solved] Internet Disconnects While Streaming on Discord

If you’ve ever had your internet disconnect in the middle of streaming your screen or game on Discord, there’s a simple option buried in Discord’s settings that may solve your problem. For some reason, a setting where Discord admits “some routers or internet service providers may misbehave when this is set” is enabled by default. …

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Menu showing the creation of tar files on Windows 10

How to Open and Create tar Files on Windows

Although .zip is the primary archive format you’ll find on Windows, you may occasionally run into a .tar, .tar.gz, or other similar file that you need to open. These tar files (frequently referred to as “tarballs”) are much more common on Linux operating systems, but you can open and create them on Windows as well.

How to Play Old PC Games Online (Multiplayer)

Classic games are still a blast to play but it can prove tricky to get a multiplayer session going because of the ancient methods those games used in order to connect players across the internet. We’ll give you a few options you can use to play these oldies but goodies online like old times.