How to Create an Autoexec for CS:GO

After a while of playing CS:GO you start to notice that there are countless settings you can change and adjustments you can make. But, the only problem is that given the sheer number of settings you can change, it becomes ridiculous to have to keep changing them back to the settings you had every time you log on. Changing your settings in CS:GO, though, is more than helpful and can make all the difference in whether or not you can win gunfights or matches entirely. So, you’ll probably need to find a work-around for this. Luckily, there exists that very thing. Autoexecs can be used to save your in-game CS:GO settings and then automatically load them for you upon opening the game. Continue reading

How to Play Old Multiplayer PC Games Online With Hamachi VPN

Creating a virtual private network (VPN) is a good way to play an old game with one or more friends across the internet. Plenty of old PC games have multiplayer support, but connecting to players these days can be tricky due to the obsolete methods that those games relied on. When you have a VPN, the game will behave as if every player is on the same local network, sitting adjacent to each other. This will make connecting to a friend’s game very painless and easy.
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