How to Change File Permissions With FileZilla

FileZilla is a popular and feature-rich FTP/SFTP program. Among its many features is the ability to change the permissions of a remote file or directory, such as read, write, and execute permissions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do that.

1. Connect to the remote host and locate the file or folder whose permissions you wish to change.

2. Right click on the file and click “File permissions…”

Right click context menu in FileZilla

3. From this menu, you can change the read, write, and execute file permissions for owner, group, and public.

File permissions menu in FileZilla

4. When you’re done, just hit OK and the changes will be saved.

FileZilla makes it easy to edit permissions by giving an option to check individual boxes for file permissions or enter a numeric value. If you want to know more about how file permissions work or how to represent the permissions as numeric values, check out our in-depth guide on Linux file permissions.

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