How to Change the Default Window Size of an Application

Have you ever opened an application, like a web browser, and had the window be a strange size? You have to resize the window every time you open the application, because it keeps reverting to this random size whenever you open it. We’ll show you a simple fix to this annoying problem.

Let’s look at an example, where this Google Chrome window keeps opening in a really small window.

1. Right click on the top of the window, and choose Size.

Right click and select size

2. You’ll see your mouse cursor change. Now, drag the sides or corners of the window to resize it.

Dragging the corner of a window to resize it

3. After you’ve got the size you want, you can close the window and open it back up. It should open to the new default that you’ve just set.

If you want the window to open maximized, follow the same instructions, but after clicking “size,” just maximize the window (even if the mouse cursor changes back, it’ll work fine).

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