How to Change Your Keyboard Language in Windows 10

If you’re looking to type on your PC in another language, gain access to certain characters, accents, etc., Windows 10 has a feature that allows you to download officially provided language packs. There exists a wide variety of language packs available for downloading, from Afrikaans to Yoruba. So, there will be no problems getting the language you need. In a simple, step-oriented guide, we’ll show you how you can start typing in that second language of yours right on your computer.

Navigating to the Language Section in Windows 10 Settings

Step #1

You’ll first need to open the settings application, this can easily be found by hitting the windows key (alternatively, you can just click the windows icon at the bottom left corner of your screen) and right clicking the settings icon above the windows icon. (shown below)

Downloading the Language Pack

Step #2

From there, you’ll have made your way to the language settings section. Here, you can also change your windows 10 display language, that is, the language that your entire system is displayed in. This differs from adding a new keyboard language in that it doesn’t change your keyboard layout. To download a language pack and add a new keyboard language, you’ll first want to select “add preferred language”, indicated by the box with the plus sign. (shown below)

Once the language pack has finished downloading, you’ll have added the language to your keyboard language pool. You can switch between these languages by using the keyboard shortcut “ALT+SHIFT”. If you’re looking to change the display language of your system, you’ll first need to have downloaded the language pack for that specific language. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to right click the drop-down-menu with the arrow under “Windows display language” at the top of the window and select the language you want your system to be displayed in. (example shown below)

That’s how you add a new keyboard language in Windows 10. That’s all for this one. I hope this helped and thanks for the read!

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