How to Create Your Own Course on Memrise

Memrise is a website and a mobile application that offers free language learning courses for a wide variety of languages. The courses are made officially by Memrise themselves. While these courses are reliable and effective, you may want more specificity or perhaps things done in a particular style. This is where the “create your own course” feature comes in. Though relatively unknown to a lot of Memrise users, it is possible to create your own language course (or any other kind of course you desire) on the Memrise website. In this article, we will show you in a brief and simple way how to do just that.

Navigating to the “Create Your Own Course” Page

Step #1

From the homepage of the website, you’ll want to click on the “courses” tab at the top right. You should be greeted with a large catalogue of the various language and other miscellaneous courses Memrise offers. Directly below the courses tab on the top right, you’ll see a green box titled “create your own course”. Right click this to continue. (shown below)

Step #2

You should now have successfully navigated to the “create your own course” page. From here, you will want to name your course, specify the language that is being taught and learned in, provide any tags if necessary, and give a short description of the course. With exception to the course title and language being taught, these details are completely optional. Once you have entered in the details of your course, right click “create your course” at the bottom of the page. (shown below)

Adding Words To Your Course

Step #1

You’ve successfully created your course and should have automatically been taken to the “edit course” page. You’ll see a number of options and features on this page. To add words to the course, you can enter individual words, one by one,  in the provided boxes below “add words”. (shown below)

Typing in each word one by one might be pretty tedious and ineffective. So, Memrise have fortunately provided a wonderful feature that allows you to add words in bulk. Follow the steps below.

On the far end of the right side of the “edit your course” page, you should see a tab labeled “advanced” with a little arrow beside it. Right click this drop-down-menu and select “bulk add words”. (shown below)

Step #2

A “bulk add” prompt should now have been displayed. Here, you’ll paste your words into the box provided at the bottom of the prompt. If you’re pasting from a list in a spreadsheet that you have copied, the columns should have provided a space between the words in your target language and the language you want it translated in. There is limit of 1000 words of data per bulk add. Selecting “tab” word delimiter option will assign – according to the spacing of the words – each word to the specified languages on the right and left sides. For example, if your target language is English, it will be on the left side of the “edit your own course” page. And if the language you want the English translated in is Spanish, then it will be on the right side of the page. So in the “paste your data” box, you’ll want to make sure the correct languages are on the correct sides of the box. Once you have pasted your data, right click “add”. An example of this step will be shown below.

You have successfully added your words to your Memrise course. You can go back anytime to that page to add more words or other various things. Speaking of adding other things, you can also add an extra column in your course. This can be used for audio files, different alphabets, conjugations, alternative translations, or anything you’d like!

Adding Extra Columns

Final Step

Just like before, you’ll want to hit the drop-down-menu labeled “advanced” on the far top right. This time, we’ll select “add column”. You should be greeted with an “add column” prompt. From here, you’ll enter in the name of the column, the type (audio, text or image), and whether or not the column is used as an attribute (non-tested information applied to the words in the preceding columns, such as parts of speech like “nouns, adjectives, and verbs”). You can add as many columns as you want. (example shown below)

Your new column has been successfully added.

That is how you create your own Memrise language learning course. I hope this helped and made things a little easier for you.

Some Bugs and Things to Note

Unfortunately, complex features like this come with their fair share of problems. One of them is that for some reason when you bulk add more than 1000 words in one course, the website will buffer for nearly an eternity, or just bug out and crash entirely. So, a little work-around would be to just make multiple, separate 1000 word courses. Another thing is that when copying and pasting more than two columns of data into the “bulk add words” box, some of the data in the latter columns won’t be added to your course in Memrise. So, look out for that in the “edit your course” page. Make sure all of the words in each column are present. If they aren’t, simply type them in manually without bulk adding. Apart from that, everything works just fine. But I’d suggest being wary of potential bugs. Thanks for the read!

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