How to Export WhatsApp Chat From iPhone to PC

It’s possible to save a WhatsApp chat and, optionally, the attached media (pictures, videos, etc.) by exporting it to a computer. In this guide, we’ll show you step by step instructions for a couple different methods of exporting WhatsApp chats from iPhone to PC.

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Choosing to Include Media or Not

When you export a WhatsApp chat, you’re asked if you’d like to include the text and media or just the text in your export. Of the two methods we’re covering in this guide, one is particularly viable if you only plan to export the text itself. The other is better if you plan to export the chat along with media attachments, which greatly increases the file size.

The first method is more viable if you plan to export numerous pictures and videos along with the rest of the chat. This involves uploading your chat to iCloud storage and then downloading it onto PC via the iCloud website. Every iPhone user has a free 5GB of cloud storage, so this method should work even for large chats.

The second method involves emailing your WhatsApp chat to yourself as an attachment, then you can download the attachment on PC. This only works well if you’re not exporting the media, since it can quickly add up in size and most email providers have fairly low limits for maximum attachment sizes.

Pick the appropriate method below based on the size of your WhatsApp chat. If you’re exporting with media that includes more than 10MB of data, it’s best to avoid the email method.

Exporting WhatsApp Chat via iCloud

1. On your iPhone, open WhatsApp, tap on the contact’s name, and then “Export Chat.”

Contact menu in WhatsApp, showing the Export Chat option

2. Next, choose whether to include the media (pictures, videos, etc) or only include the text.

Attach media or without media prompt

3. Choose to save the exported chat to your files.

WhatsApp menu asking where to export the chat

4. Choose iCloud Drive. This uploads the chat to your private iCloud storage.

Adding WhatsApp chat to iCloud Drive

5. On your PC, login to and click on iCloud Drive to browse your files.

Browsing iCloud Drive on PC

6. Locate the exported chat (it will be a .zip file). Click on it and download it to your PC.

Downloading WhatsApp chat from iCloud Drive to PC

Exporting WhatsApp Chat via Email

1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Select a chat, then click on the contact’s name to open their contact menu. From here, tap on “Export Chat.”

Contact menu in WhatsApp, showing the Export Chat option

2. You’ll then be asked if you want to export the chat with or without the media data, but keep in mind that this method probably won’t work if you have a lot of pictures or videos, etc.

Attach media or without media prompt

3. Next, choose to export the chat to your phone’s Mail application.

Export chat options, showing Email option

4. The chat is now attached to your new message as a zip file. All you need to do now is enter your email address and finish sending the email to yourself. Later, you can open the email on your PC and download the attached chat.

New email with WhatsApp chat as an attachment

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