How to Play Old Multiplayer PC Games Online With Hamachi VPN

Creating a virtual private network (VPN) is a good way to play an old game with one or more friends across the internet. Plenty of old PC games have multiplayer support, but connecting to players these days can be tricky due to the obsolete methods that those games relied on. When you have a VPN, the game will behave as if every player is on the same local network, sitting adjacent to each other. This will make connecting to a friend’s game very painless and easy.

There’s various VPN software you can use to accomplish this task, but our recommendation is Hamachi VPN. It’s free and pretty easy to setup. You can follow along with us in the step by step instructions below to get a VPN configured on your own system in just a few minutes. We’ll also show you how to connect to your friend and start gaming together.

Download & Install Hamachi

The first thing you’ll need to do is install Hamachi. Head over to the Hamachi VPN website to download the program.

Installation is straightforward and should only take a few moments. When it’s done, you’ll need to click the power button to create a new account.

The Hamachi power button turns on the VPN

A new window will pop up asking you to create a new account. Fill out your email and a password to create the account and sign in.

Create a new network

Create a VPN

Next, click on “create a new network” and choose a network name and password. You’ll be sharing this information with your friends so they’re able to connect to your network later.

Details of new VPN

Joining a VPN

Now your friends can connect to the VPN you’re hosting. They will just need to download Hamachi and follow the same steps of creating an account. Then, they’ll need to click on “join an existing network.”

Join an existing VPN

Your friends should then enter the VPN information that you’ve given them.

Fill out VPN information to join

When your friends joins the VPN you’ve created, you’ll see the name of their PC show up in your Hamachi window.

Users connected to the VPN are showed here

Host Multiplayer Game

Anyone who has joined your VPN (including you) can now host a game and have the others connect. The hosted game should show up under the LAN menu in game, or players may need to specify the host’s IP address, which Hamachi shows you:

IP addresses of connected VPN users

Closing Thoughts

Hamachi provides us with a pretty easy way to take classic PC games online to battle with friends. You may find that it’s still necessary for the host to disable their Windows firewall or anti-virus, since those are known culprits for blocking incoming connections.

You could also try playing online multiplayer with GameRanger, which is a really solid tool for restoring online multiplayer in old PC games.

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